Most Complex PdP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made from the Historical Olive groves in our hills using Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino, Dolce Agogia and Don Carlo cultivars, early picked (first ten days of October) pressed the same day in the company in two stage oil mill. Bottled under nitrogen to ensure maximum shelf life, thus achieving a high quality product, rich in aromas and intense flavors with very low acidity and peroxide and very high polyphenols highly beneficial to the health.


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  • Limpid, intense golden yellow, with clear greenish streaks.  Elegant and complex to the nose with ample vegetable aromas, with remind to artichoke,  wild chicory freshly cut lattuce. enticing finishing in the mouth with clear markers of aromatic herbs, mint, sage  and tyme. In the mouth is velveting with clear personality reminding to the cultivars of origin.  Very clear and  well expressed bitterness and spiciness , beautiful the almonds notes in the finishing of mouth.

    Excellent to accompany warm dishes, soups and grilled meat.

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