Italian Extravergin Olive Oil

Product obtained from olives  Dolce Agogia grown in our hills. Early harvested (first ten days of October) pressed the same day in the company two-stage oil mill. Bottled under nitrogen to ensure maximum shelf life, thus achieving a high quality product, rich in aromas and intense flavors with very low acidity and peroxide and very high polyphenols health benefits.

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  • Extra virgin obtained from the rare and ancient cultivar Dolce Agogia. Green color with gold glitters. The scent is ample and fragrant, with a note of artichoke leaves, green almond, spinach, chicory but also flowers. To the taste it expresses a herbaceous fruitiness with scents of almond and artichoke. Clear taste of bitterness with lighter spiciness  of medium intensity’ . Coherent and balanced taste with clear correspondence smell-gustative. Long closing pleasantly bitter. Excellent for soups, cooked vegetables and pasta courses with marked taste.

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